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Duration: February 20th - April 30th, 2022

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BMAT Weekend Group Course Overview

BMAT Concept Classes

11 Concept Classes (3h)

33 hours worth of classes covering fundamental concepts and test-taking strategies to build a strong foundation for the BMAT.

  • 3 Problem Solving Thinking Skills Classes
  • 2 Critical Thinking Skills Classes
  • 1 Essay Writing Class
  • 2 Physics Classes
  • 1 Chemistry Class
  • 1 Biology Class
  • 1 Math Class
BMAT Practice Drills

Practice Tests (Anytime)

  • Access to BMAT full-length practice tests
  • Attempt the test online anytime
  • Receive immediate score report

Concept Class Topics

Thinking Skills

  • Problem Solving: Number Properties, Birthdays and Dates, Time Delays, Rates, Clocks, Combinatorics, Probability, Logical reasoning, Spatial Reasoning, Percentages, Ratios, Proportions, Statistics, Interpreting Graphs & Tables
  • Critical Thinking: Identifying the Main Conclusion, Drawing a Conclusion, Identifying an Assumption, Assessing the Impact of Additional Evidence (weaken/strengthen), Detecting Reasoning Errors, Matching Arguments, Applying Principles

Scientific Knowledge & Applications

  • Math: Numbers, Exponents, Equations, Inequalities, Geometry, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry
  • Chemistry: Atomic Structure, The Periodic Table & Group Chemistry, Chemical Bonding, Chemical Reactions & Equations, Quantitative Chemistry, Rates of Reactions, Energetics, Electrochemistry, Organic Chemistry
  • Biology: Cell Structure & Division, Principles of Inheritance, DNA, Biotechnology, Enzymes & Metabolism, Human Physiology
  • Physics: Electricity, Magnetism, Mechanics, Thermal physics, Matter, Waves, Radioactivity, Phase, Nuclear Fission & Fusion

Written Communication

  • Essay Writing: Essay topics (sample prompts), Essay Approach (suggested timing, choosing a question), Essay Planning (interpreting the statement, making a counterargument, taking a position), Essay Structure, Common Mistakes, Sample Essays

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