BMAT Unlimited Group Course

BMAT groups available up till November 2020 test date
With a curriculum created by a team of veteran BMAT trainers, weekly classes and a generous 1-year course validity, Prep Zone Academy’s BMAT Group Course is here to help you ace the BMAT with confidence.

Course Features:
  • 5 Thinking Skills Concept Classes
  • 5 Scientific Knowledge & Application Concept Classes
  • 1 Writing Concept Class
  • 6 Tutorials
  • BMAT Practice Tests
  • BMAT Prep & Medical School Admissions Consultation 

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BMAT Groups 2020


March - May Group

Start: March 22nd
End: May 23rd

May - June Group

Start: May 30th
End: June 28th

July - August Group

Start: July 1st
End: August 2nd

August - September Group

Start: August 8th
End: September 6th

September - October Group

Start: September 12th
End: October 11th

Course Overview

The BMAT is a required standardised test for:

  • Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Biomedical Sciences & Dentistry Courses at certain UK universities
  • Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine at NTU, Singapore

The BMAT Group Course concept classes are held on every Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons, covering the entire BMAT syllabus. Once signed up, you are entitled to ALL group classes, across all subjects, for the duration of 1 year. Attend any concept classes or tutorials multiple times to reinforce your knowledge on specific BMAT topics, or just to cover your weak areas.

Course Curriculum

Concept Classes (3 hours per session)

  • Cover concepts and test-taking strategies.
  • Build a strong foundation for the BMAT.
  • Problem Solving Thinking Skills (3 sessions)
  • Critical Thinking Thinking Skills (2 sessions)
  • Essay Writing Written Communication (1 session)
  • Math Scientific Knowledge & Application (1 session)
  • Physics Scientific Knowledge & Application (2 sessions)
  • Chemistry Scientific Knowledge & Application(1 session)
  • Biology Scientific Knowledge & Application (1 session)

Tutorials (2 hours per session)

  • Cover difficult BMAT topics.
  • Practice & review difficult questions.
  • Doubts clarification with trainers.
  • Best practices & tips to improve your score.
  • Problem Solving Tutorial
  • Critical Thinking & Essay Writing Tutorial
  • Math Tutorial
  • Physics Tutorial
  • Chemistry Tutorial
  • Biology Tutorial

Overall Course Schedule

Please take note

 BLUE – Lessons will be conducted ONLINE only

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Materials Provided

How to Master the BMAT book

Prep Zone Academy’s BMAT Roadmap

Free access to BMAT practice tests

BMAT Prep & Medical School Admissions Consultation

Course Registration

For further inquiries, drop us a chat or call us at +65 6812 9999.