BMAT Test Dates 2020

Last updated : 16 October 2019

Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing has yet to release the officially BMAT test dates for 2020. Typically, there will be two BMAT test dates – August and November. The registration dates will differ for both test dates.

You must only take BMAT once in an admissions cycle. You are not allowed to take the BMAT on both test dates. In cases where one or more of the universities/courses you are applying to do not accept August results, you MUST take the test in November.

BMAT Timeline for Applicants in 2020

The listed dates below are all tentative.

BMAT August 2020

Your applications to UK Medicine & Dentistry courses will be submitted through UCAS. Since the UCAS application deadline falls on October 15th, we would generally recommend you sit for the BMAT in August. This way, you would receive your BMAT results before the UCAS application deadline, and make an informed decision.

Do remember that you can only apply to 4 medical schools as part of your 5 UCAS choices, taking the August test ensures you know your score before you apply. However, since some universities do not accept the August test results, do make sure you research beforehand and choose a test date accordingly. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance of attaining an admissions chance – be sure to check the university’s requirements before registering for the BMAT.

BMAT Registration Opens
End June 2020

BMAT Registration Deadline
Mid August 2020

 BMAT August Test Date
End August 2020

Test Results Released (to candidates)
End September 2020

UCAS Application Deadline
15 October 2020

Test Results Released (to UK Universities)
Early November 2020

BMAT November 2020

If you do not take the test in August, you can take the BMAT in November instead, as long as the university/course of your choice accepts November results. Please remember, you can only take the BMAT ONCE in a year, either August or November.

Here’s the list of schools that ONLY accept the BMAT November test results. All other schools that accept the August test results also accept the November test results.

  1. University of Oxford – Medicine and BioMedical Sciences
  2. NTU – Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
  3. Nazarbayev University School of Medicine

BMAT Registration Opens
September 2020

BMAT Registration Deadline
October 2020

 BMAT November Test Date
4 November 2020

Test Results Released (to candidates)
November/December 2020

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