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BMAT Individual+ Course

Everything you need to ace the BMAT at your fingertips
BMAT Individual+ Course

Aspire to get into UK’s or SG’s medical programs with a stellar BMAT score? The BMAT Individual+ Course contains everything you need to get a top score in a short amount of time.

Featuring pre-recorded lessons and access to Prep Zone Academy’s top BMAT trainers, this course provides unparalleled flexibility in how you want to prepare for the BMAT.

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What You'll Get

Individual Lessons With Prep Zone's Veteran BMAT Trainers

BMAT Individual+ Course

Our expert BMAT trainers will provide undivided attention to you with an Individual Training package. You can review difficult questions, topics, or anything else you like during these sessions.

Lite Package

5 Individual Training Hours

Regular Package
(Most Popular)

10 Individual Training Hours

Premium Package

30 Individual Training Hours

Prep Zone BMAT Online Course Access


You will have access to Prep Zone’s BMAT Online Course, which includes 11 lessons (30+ hours) with accompanied lesson notes and exercises. With these online lessons, you will gain a solid understanding of the format of all 3 sections of the BMAT (Thinking skills, Scientific Knowledge and Application, and Writing)

You Will ALSO Get

Prep Zone Academy’s BMAT Roadmap

How To Master The BMAT Book

Access to our BMAT practice tests

BMAT Prep & Medical School Admissions Consultation

Full Course Curriculum

Thinking Skills

  • Problem Solving: Number Properties, Birthdays and Dates, Time Delays, Rates, Clocks, Combinatorics, Probability, Logical Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning, Percentages, Ratios, Proportions, Statistics, Interpreting Graphs & Tables
  • Critical Thinking: Identifying the Main Conclusion, Drawing a Conclusion, Identifying an Assumption, Assessing the Impact of Additional Evidence (weaken/strengthen), Detecting Reasoning Errors, Matching Arguments, Applying Principles

Scientific Knowledge & Applications

  • Math: Numbers, Exponents, Equations, Inequalities, Geometry, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry
  • Chemistry: Atomic Structure, The Periodic Table & Group Chemistry, Chemical Bonding, Chemical Reactions & Equations, Quantitative Chemistry, Rates of Reactions, Energetics, Electrochemistry, Organic Chemistry
  • Biology: Cell Structure & Division, Principles of Inheritance, DNA, Biotechnology, Enzymes & Metabolism, Human Physiology
  • Physics: Electricity, Magnetism, Mechanics, Thermal physics, Matter, Waves, Radioactivity, Phase, Nuclear Fission & Fusion

Written Communication

  • Essay Writing: Essay topics (sample prompts), Essay Approach (suggested timing, choosing a question), Essay Planning (interpreting the statement, making a counterargument, taking a position), Essay Structure, Common Mistakes, Sample Essays


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