BMAT Courses

All upcoming BMAT courses and their duration, including the regular BMAT Weekend Group Course, BMAT Crash Course and any other special BMAT courses.

  • BMAT Weekend Group Course (6 weeks*, Available every weekend)
  • BMAT Crash Course (3 weeks*)

*The duration refers to the no. of days/weeks that will take to cover all fundamental BMAT concepts only

All Upcoming BMAT Course(s)

BMAT Course (Weekend): August 27, 2022

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BMAT Course (Crash): September 11, 2022

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Concept Class Topics

Thinking Skills

  • Problem Solving: Number Properties, Birthdays and Dates, Time Delays, Rates, Clocks, Combinatorics, Probability, Logical reasoning, Spatial Reasoning, Percentages, Ratios, Proportions, Statistics, Interpreting Graphs & Tables
  • Critical Thinking: Identifying the Main Conclusion, Drawing a Conclusion, Identifying an Assumption, Assessing the Impact of Additional Evidence (weaken/strengthen), Detecting Reasoning Errors, Matching Arguments, Applying Principles

Scientific Knowledge & Applications

  • Math: Numbers, Exponents, Equations, Inequalities, Geometry, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry
  • Chemistry: Atomic Structure, The Periodic Table & Group Chemistry, Chemical Bonding, Chemical Reactions & Equations, Quantitative Chemistry, Rates of Reactions, Energetics, Electrochemistry, Organic Chemistry
  • Biology: Cell Structure & Division, Principles of Inheritance, DNA, Biotechnology, Enzymes & Metabolism, Human Physiology
  • Physics: Electricity, Magnetism, Mechanics, Thermal physics, Matter, Waves, Radioactivity, Phase, Nuclear Fission & Fusion

Written Communication

  • Essay Writing: Essay topics (sample prompts), Essay Approach (suggested timing, choosing a question), Essay Planning (interpreting the statement, making a counterargument, taking a position), Essay Structure, Common Mistakes, Sample Essays

BMAT Key Dates 2022

BMAT  Registration Opens
1 September 2022

Deadline To Apply For Modified Papers
16 September 2022

Deadline for test centres to register candidates, deadline to apply for Access Arrangements (e.g. extra time), deadline to apply for reimbursement of registration fees
30 September 2022 at 18.00 (BST)

 BMAT October Test Date
18 October 2022

Test Results Released
25 November 2022


“I managed to get an offer from NUS and NTU and the deadline to make the decision was 24th May so I’ve made the decision to go to NUS.

I really think Prep Zone helped me a lot. It was the reason I got a good UCAT score and a pretty decent BMAT score. The interview preparation was the most helpful of all and when I went for my local med school interviews, it was a lot more doable for me because I had so much practice. All the teachers were super nice, supportive and accommodative and I really appreciate all the help. I think the MMI stimulation really helped me as well and it allowed me to be less nervous before the real interview.

Thank you so much.”


“All the trainers at Prep Zone were always available to provide valuable advice so I could do the best I could in my UCAT and BMAT.”

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