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October is here, and that means the BMAT is right around the corner. With only 1 test date to take the BMAT (October 30th), we hope you have already registered for the test, and your preparation is going well! Unfortunately, the BMAT exam is quite close to the start of A Levels, so it’s best to get most of your BMAT preparation out of the way early so the two don’t clash.

Every year, we receive many inquiries from parents asking about the BMAT registration process. In this blogpost, we will run through the 2 most commonly asked questions regarding BMAT test date and registration for candidates from Singapore. Let’s get started:

1. Do I need to sit for this BMAT test date?

This one seems trivial, but it’s worth stressing again: if you already appeared for the BMAT in August, you are not eligible to sit for the test again in October.

Only students planning to apply for Medicine at NTU in Singapore, or Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial, Leeds, or Brighton & Sussex in UK, would have to appear for the test in October.

2. How do I register for the BMAT?

Your BMAT registration would be completed based on the school you are currently attending/graduated from.

Students currently enrolled in, and those who have graduated from the local schooling system (JCs, Polys, NUS High School and ACS Independent) would need to register via RELC, while those attending/graduated from other schools would need to register via British Council. Further details for each system are given below –

Register via RELC 

You can register from now till October 1st with Standard Registration, and from October 2nd till October 15th with Late Registration.

If you are registering by September 30th, payment can be made at any AXS station, while registration on October 1st would have to be completed at the RELC office. Please note, the test fee would increase from SGD 325 to SGD 407 once the Standard Entry Registration has ended. Once you have made payment, you would have to complete a form online to reserve your seat for the BMAT, and provide them with the receipt number.

You can access more information about the registration process via RELC here.

Register via British Council

The Standard Registration period for British Council is from now till September 24th, after which, Late registration would apply from September 25th till October 7th. The fee for Standard registration is SGD 350, while that for Late registration is SGD 425. You can complete registration at the British Council Napier Road office, or send in your application form via post. Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque, Credit Card or NETS.

You can access more information about the registration process via British Council, and find the registration form here.

Need help with the BMAT?

If you need help in any aspect of BMAT preparations, whether it is deciding on which test session to register or shortlisting med schools, simply fill up the following form for a free 1-on-1 consultation with our med school experts. You can also call us at +65 6812 9999.

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