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An invitation to an interview at your preferred BMAT institution will depend on how well you do on the BMAT. It is crucial to determine a good BMAT result and be aware of how the BMAT is graded.

Your BMAT results are very significant since they decide whether or not you will be invited to an interview for a position in a medical school. In this article, we will learn how universities make use of BMAT scores in their application process.

When will the BMAT October 2022 results be released?

All results will be available via the Metritests system run by Cambridge University Press & Assessment on November 25, 2022.

Unfortunately, this implies that your BMAT 2022 score will be available after the deadline for UCAS applications. More so, this indicates a risk involved in applying to an institution that demands your BMAT scores. As a result, it is advisable to apply to no more than two BMAT institutions.

How to access your BMAT results

You may use the Metritests system to check your results by using your Confidential Results Information (CRI), which are given on test day, for your login information.

Results for applications to universities in the UK and the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine will be sent automatically to those universities (as long as your choices were entered on Entries Extranet when your centre registered you for the test). However, other universities won’t get your results until you submit them.

How to share your BMAT results with your chosen universities?

Applicants to British institutions and the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKC), Singapore:

  • If your selections were made via the RELC’s online registration form, your results will be immediately delivered to any BMAT institution(s) you have applied to in the UK or LKC. 
  • However, applicants to institutions other than the United Kingdom and the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKC) in Singapore won’t get your results right away. When using the Metritest system, you must decide which universities will get your results. 

Please note that the results will be valid until July 31, 2023, but please verify with your selected institutions or universities for any information about when they require the results to ensure that you share them in time for your application to be considered.

Follow these three simple steps for how you can share your results:

  • Log in to your Metritests account (login details are on the Confidential Results Information sheet you will be given on the test day).
  • Choose the ‘Share Results’ option by clicking on the test within your Metritests account.
  • Click save after choosing the degree(s) you want to receive your results from the dropdown under “Institution Name” and the institution(s) you want them sent to.
  • When your results are made public, the institution will immediately have access to them.

You may add or delete certain colleges until the results are announced on November 25, 2022. Following this, once your results have been made public, you cannot delete an institution or course from the results website since the institution or institutions will immediately get your results, but you may add more institutions.

Please be aware that for the majority of institutions, sharing results is not the same as applying, and your results won’t be taken into consideration unless you have also submitted a formal application to the university. For information on how to accomplish this, kindly get in touch with the universities directly.

If candidates miss the deadline or misplace their results, they may contact RECL EB to get a copy of them.

For applicants who applied to the institution in 2023 or for a delayed seat in 2024, the result is valid for ONE YEAR. It cannot be carried over to a subsequent application. Similar to how each application is reviewed separately, a candidate’s score from one year won’t harm their prospects if they reapply in subsequent years.

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