The BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT) is an admissions test for applicants to Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Biomedical Science and Dentistry courses at certain universities.

The BMAT is a good indicator of a student’s potential to succeed in a demanding science-based university course.

BMAT Test Structure

Thinking Skills

This section tests on generic skills often required for undergraduate study. Candidates are required to solve problems, using simple numerical operations and presents a series of logical arguments. There are a total of 32 questions. The questions are in multiple-choice format with 5 options, 1 correct and 4 distractors. Calculators may not be used. There is no negative marking.


In this section, students are required to write an essay on a topic chosen from 4 options. The topics could be scientific or medicine-related but often aren’t. You are assessed both for content, and the correct use of English.

Scientific Knowledge & Application

This section has 27 questions that test your knowledge of Math, Biology, Physics and Chemistry concepts up till the GCSE level.

When should I take the BMAT?

Candidates are only allowed take BMAT once in an admission cycle.  Furthermore, BMAT results are only valid in the year that the test is taken and cannot be carried over to a re-application. Also, candidates’ score from one year will not affect their chances if they re-apply in later years.

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